Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice?

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

What is it  about beauty that makes everyone go weak in the knees? Attraction for beauty is not just confined to fellow humans, it is starkly evident in the mundane things we do. For instance, we always tend to choose the most beautiful handbags, most stunning solitaries and even the most attractive stilettos! So the breathtakingly gorgeous pink bow pumps you recently got was carefully chosen over its “plain jane” contemporaries! Sugar and spice and everything nice is what we crave for!

But is beauty really confined to everything superficial? I am not ashamed to admit that i was one of those ardent fans of superficial beauty for a couple of years (teenage years to be precise)! But somehow the perception changed, i got the epiphany that real beauty does come from within and its way more attractive than the superficial outer beauty. A simple incident that happened a few months changed my entire perception of beauty. I was in the train which was flooded with fellow ladies (Yo, Venusian’s!!). From lil kids to gleaming wise old women, there is a lot to observe in a Ladies train compartment (especially if you are a Mumbaikar, u know what i am talking about)! In the bustling crowd where i was seated, two people in my proximity caught my attentions, one a fair and pretty young girl engrossed in a telephonic conversation and the other was a petite girl from a group of teenage school girls chattering among themselves . Comparing the two, i just had one glance over former fair and pretty girl, but one look at the chattering petite teenager and i couldn’t look away!  Comparing the two superficially, the former pretty girl had was dressed in casual jeans and a tee, her wavy hair falling over her shoulders, she embraced a flawless complexion with 1-2 spots, the perfect doe eyes, that straight nose every gal wants and a pretty pout, she could easily be the “Miss Fresh Face” of her college; while the latter chattering girl was dusky with pretty average features with her oiled hair neatly tied in two plaits, she was wearing a school uniform. But what was about the latter girl that i couldn’t look away once i laid my eyes on her? She was having a conversation in Telugu while animatedly moving her hands and her eyes were sparkling with such vibrancy, such life while she was busy chattering, she did not even notice i had been looking at her all the while!  in the forty minute train journey, she wasnt quite/tired even for a minute, her constant bubbly talks had no end, she was busy exuding such vibrant positive energy around her that was charming everyone around her. I think not just me, most of the ladies in the train were looking at her because of her lil bubble of optimism she had around her. Mesmerizing!

That day, that incident completely changed my opinion on beauty! Beauty is not about good looks, a thin frame and glossy hair, its about a beautiful heart, mind and soul. i know what i just said is nothing new, we all know it, but very few implement it. Moreover, i saw this movie “Shallow Hal” starring Jake Black and Gwenyth Paltrow which was about  a guy who is an avid fan of physical beauty until destiny changes his life for good, he starts acknowledging the inner beauty, its a must watch for everyone who hasnt seen it yet.  So the next time you think about beautiful things, dont forget to count yourself in!


Your uncanny girl next door!